Salt therapy

Common Benefits Include:

  • Respiratory System Detox
  • Improved Skin Condition
  • Boost your Immune System
  • Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Salt Therapy for children under 12 is FREE per paid adult

Infrared Sauna

Common Benefits Include:

  • Deep Tissue Body Detox
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health and Blood Pressure
  • Increase in Hormone Levels
  • Pain Relief

Single Session Prices

Salt Booth

$10 per extra person


$40 for 2 people

Community Salt Suite

Adult, or Kid-Friendly


$69 for 2 people

Salt + Sauna

Same-day sessions


$99 for 2 people

Infrared Sauna

$10 per extra person


$55 for 2 people

First-Time Guest?

First-Time Salt Booth Offers


or 3 Salt Therapy for


$119 for 2 people

First-Time Salt Suite Offers


or 3 Salt Therapy for


$119 for 2 people

First-Time Salt + Sauna Offer

First-Time Infrared Sauna Offers


or 3 Infrared Sauna for


$129 for 2 people

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Multi-Session Pricing

(Can be shared to family & Friends)

Want to see an overview? You can compare the various payment options here.

Salt Booth


Salt Booth x 5

($26 each)


Salt Booth x 10

($23 each) - No upcharge for an extra person

Salt Suite


Salt Therapy x 4

($30 each)


Private Salt Suite x 1

($169 each) - Seats up to 6


Private Salt Suite x 2

($150 each) - Seats up to 6


Private Salt Suite x 3

($116 each) - Seats up to 6


Private Salt Suite x 4

($100 each) - Seats up to 6

Salt + Sauna


Salt + Sauna x 3

($63 each)


Salt + Sauna x 6

($60 each) - No upcharge for an extra person

Infrared Sauna


Sauna x 4

($37 each)


Sauna x 10

($34 each) - No upcharge for an extra person


(3-month minimum terms)




Weekly Salt + Sauna

Two sessions per week (one salt therapy option and one infrared sauna)



Weekly Salt + Sauna for 2

Two shared sessions per week (one salt therapy option and one infrared sauna)



Family Pack x 6

6 sessions, 'all-access'


Family Pack x 12

12 sessions, 'all-access'

Get Unlimited Access!

Unlimited Salt Therapy Membership

Unlimited monthly sessions in salt booth or community salt suite (one session/day)


3-month minumum term

Unlimited All‑Access Membership

Unlimited monthly sessions for all services, up to 2 sessions per day. (Can also be ‘split’ by a couple!)


3-month minumum term

Unlimited Infrared Sauna Membership

Unlimited monthly sauna sessions (one session per day). Up to two guests can join your session, free!


3-month minumum term

Monthly Recurring Memberships Include:

Up to one session per day (two daily with All‑Access)

15% off all purchases in our retail store

No charge for guests in your Salt Booth or Sauna sessions

One Freedom Pass per month, good for all core services (Unlimited only)

Serving Those Who Serve

It is our honor and privilege to welcome members of our first-responder and military communities into our establishment, both active and retired. As a small token of our appreciation for your role in keeping our communities clean, safe and secure, we humbly offer all of Just Breathe’s services, service packages and memberships to you with a 30% discount.

To redeem this discount, please book your first session(s) online like normal, but do not pay yet. We will apply the discount for your first visit manually when you check in. All bookings from that point forward will receive the discount automatically!

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First Time Sessions, Single Session, Packages, and Monthly Memberships

Book your session online!

Book ahead of time and pay online for your convenience, or call us at (469) 314-1218 to book by phone. Paying online allows you to fully enjoy your experience – no need to pay after your experience. If using a gift card, please provide the number when calling, or input the gift card number in the online booking platform.

We recommend arriving 10 minutes before your appointment start time.

Give the Gift of Wellness!

Gift cards are available for purchase here.

Guest Code of Conduct

Feel free to take photos of our space, and tag us on your favorite social media platform! We do ask that you respect the privacy and serenity of your fellow guests, and keep your phones on silent to fully engage in relaxation and maximize your experience.

Cancellation / No-Show Policy

At Just Breathe Salt Spa and Sauna, we value your time and ours. We understand that sometimes life happens and you may need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. However, we kindly ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice if you cannot make it to your booked session.

This allows us to offer your spot to another guest who may be waiting for an opportunity to experience our services. It also helps us maintain our high standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

If you do not show up for your appointment without giving us 24 hours notice, we reserve the right to charge you a $20 fee per booked guest. This fee will be added to your account and must be paid before you can book another session with us.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with our no-show policy. We hope to see you soon at Just Breathe Salt Spa and Sauna, where you can relax, refresh and renew your body and mind.