Breathing Easy has never been easier!

Do you want to breathe better and feel healthier? Then you need to try salt therapy – a natural and ancient way of improving lung function. Modern salt therapy, or Halotherapy, is a simple and effective treatment that has helped many people achieve and maintain respiratory wellness, no matter what age or ailment!

Just Breathe Salt Spa + Sauna

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Salt can Improve
Lung Health

Dry salt is super-absorbent, and acts like a sponge – attracting foreign substances along its path through the respiratory tract. And its anti-inflammatory properties help ease blockages and encourage drainage. Many who use salt therapy say they find relief from a variety of respiratory conditions such as:






Common Cold






Cystic fibrosis




Ear infections


Smokers cough

Salt can Soothe &
Smooth Skin

Salt can do wonders for your skin and hair. It can balance the pH level of your skin, heal and renew your skin cells, make your skin firmer, boost your hair growth, and improve your hair health. Regular and consistent dry salt therapy may help people with the following various skin conditions:


Acne and rosacea


Skin allergies










Fungal infection


Wrinkles & aging skin

Ready to give Salt Therapy a 'shake'?

If that sounds like a whole lot of benefits from some humble salt grains, you’re absolutely right! Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself!

Image of a salt shaker
(Don’t worry, we don’t really use table salt for our treatments – medical-grade salt only!!)
All-natural salt

Safe, All-Natural & Drug-Free

While salt is a natural and safe ingredient, Halotherapy treatment can have some side effects. You may have coughing and more mucus secretion because your nasal passages are clearing out. Rarely, you may notice skin irritation or conjunctivitis. If you have any concerns or contraindications, talk to your doctor before trying halotherapy. They can help you decide if it’s a good option for you based on your medical history and condition.

Children playing outdoors

Time-Tested and Kid-Friendly!

Salt therapy has been around for ages. The therapy was developed in 1843 in Poland after it was noticed that miners who worked in salt mines had none of the respiratory or lung problems experienced by other miners.

Salt therapy offers a drug-free, touchless and non-invasive treatment where salt micro-particles enter into the lungs to help the healing process. Children as young as 3 months old have received treatment, as have women who are pregnant/expecting.

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I can't believe I've never heard of this! First of all the environment was so clean and professional but still felt very welcoming for my 2 toddlers. I love that they had beach toys for them to play with in the salt to keep them happy and occupied, how thoughtful! Will definitely be going back.

Google User

Kayla Maxwell

Loved, loved, loved the salt suite! The entire floor is covered in salt, making it feel like you're relaxing on the beach, especially with ocean waves playing in the background. If you're looking for a spa that is both relaxing and healing this is the perfect place. This was the most relaxing spa experience I've ever had, and I can't wait until my next session♡

I feel so much better after visiting the salt spa and infrared sauna! I didn't know my sinuses were so stopped up for one thing, now they are so clear I can smell again! I am working on overcoming long-haul Covid, and I heard these two treatments can help. So far so good! I'm going back many times. Do it! You'll be glad you did.

Sally W.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Salt Therapy session cost?

Here at Just Breathe, we offer two different options for salt therapy treatment:

  • Our Salt Suite sessions are in a larger room, which seats up to 6 guests at once. These sessions are 40 minutes long, and offer a very gentle salt therapy treatment while relaxing in this spa-like environment. These sessions are $39 per person (children under 12 admitted for FREE with each paid adult session).
  • Our Salt Booth sessions feature our salt therapy booth (only found locally here at Just Breathe!), which is an indvidual treatment, though it can accomodate up to two adults at once. Salt Booth sessions are 10 minutes long, offer a more intensive level of salt therapy (so are ideal for anyone trying to address specific, deeper symptoms) and the cost of a session is $30 per person ($40 for two adults at once).
How quickly should I see or feel results?

Every body is different, and personal experiences vary. That said, for most common respiratory ailments, our guests often feel an improvement immediately after their very first session! In some more stubborn or deep-seated cases, back-to-back sessions can even help accelerate the process of breaking down blockages or breaking through to clearer breathing.

For skin ailments, while you can feel relief from itchiness immediately during and after treatment, it can often take several weeks of regular treatment to see lasting relief and/or visible improvements.

How often do you need to do a treatment?

The answer to this question depends on your goals at the time.

  • Symptom Relief – If salt therapy can help ease your symptoms, it will usually do so within the first one to three sessions. Daily treatments initially for particularly severe symptoms can be effective at purging and cleansing your system.
  • Chronic Condition Management – For many of our guests who are addressing chronic conditions, weekly or biweekly salt therapy treatments provide a comfortable baseline.
  • Overall Wellness & Prevention – Biweekly or monthly treatments can help maintain optimal respiratory health by regularly flushing out and neutralizing whatever toxins and irritants you’ve recently encountered.
Are there any risks associated with Salt Therapy?

As far as known risks of treatment, a modern halotherapy session is roughly equivalent to a windy day by the ocean. Salt therapy isn’t recommended if you have any open wounds, and you should step out of the session if you feel your symptoms are getting worse, or experience other symptoms such as light-headedness or dizziness. If you have any specific concerns you should consult your doctor before seeking treatment.

There have been no large scale studies on salt therapy by traditional western medicine. That said, it has been practiced for centuries in Europe. In fact, some European countries have classified dry salt therapy as a medical treatment, qualified it under health insurance and adopted it as a healthcare modality. (source)

Is Salt therapy safe for my young child?

We have had infants as young as 7 weeks use and benefit from our salt therapy. That said, you should discuss any concerns you have with a trusted medical professional, and certainly step out of the treatment at any point if you feel so inclined.

How should I dress? Is the treatment uncomfortable?

How you dress is completely up to you! We simply suggest ‘comfortable’. If you are looking to target specific areas of your skin, make sure those areas can be comfortably exposed to the salt. Other than that, just expect to get salty! But the salt easily brushes off of skin, clothes and hair, if you so choose.

If you’re doing our ‘Salt Suite’ treatment, you’re invited to take your shoes (and socks!) off before entering so that you can truly enjoy our salt ‘sand beach’ between your toes. If you’re not ino that,we also offer disposable booties if you want them – just ask!

As far as discomfort, you will likely have sniffling and drainage and potentially coughing as well. (Don’t worry there’s boxes of tissue everywhere!) This is to be expected, and within a few minutes your body will acclimate to the experience and you’ll find yourself breathing fully and deeply.

Will it sting my eyes? Do I need to take out my contacts?

Nope, and nope! The human body’s natural systems are great at dealing with variations in your environment, and modern salt therapy (halotherapy) is akin to a windy day by the ocean!

What kind of salt do you use in your therapies? Is it tested for purity?

For halotherapy (the modern form of salt therapy, where devices called halogenerators are used to measure and disperse the salt into the environment), the only salt that should ever be used is medical-grade salt (Sodium Chloride).

Our Sodium Chloride is certified to comply with United States Pharmacopeia, Food Chemicals Codex, and federal cGMP standards. It is annually certified as Kosher. It contains no additives.

You can find out more about the salt we use here.

Is salt therapy a replacement for medical treatment?

Absolutely not!! Salt therapy is a complementary practice, meaning that it works best in partnership with traditional medicine. In fact, many of our clients come to us as referrals from their primary care physician! Salt therapy is perfect for jump-starting and accelerating recovery from certain conditions, and reducing or even eliminating certain kinds of symptoms.

There is an underlying philosophy to consider when it comes to fitting holistic therapies into your wellness routine. Traditional medicine is a modern miracle when it comes to acute care – extending and preserving your lifespan. And its primary tools in doing this are surgical procedures and pharmaceuticals.

What is NOT usually addressed by the tools of traditional medicine can be described as your healthspan – namely your overall quality of life and your physical, mental and emotional capabilities. At its best, traditional medicine relies on studies and evidence to guide its recommendations. But when it comes to holistic medicine and a consideration of healthspan benefits, such evidence is not available to us. So as individuals, when considering whether or not to try a holistic, complementary or even alternative therapy, we must get used to an honest assessment, and acceptance, of risk – including the risk of doing nothing. For more on this philosophy (and a much better and more detailed explanation!) we highly recommend the book Outlive: The Scence and Art of Longevity by Peter Attia, MD.

This is your moment!

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